The cottages in Sokilnyky

an ideal place for a trump life

Only eight houses! The houses will be completed in November 2018!

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The cottages in Sokilnyky? Only the trump cottages!

infrastructure is a quite close
5 acres of land
in ownership
A garage
and a place for
a second car
corner windows
Ergonomic planning
high ceilings
The cottage complex “The Trump Eight” is situated in the respectable village Sokilnyky, where all the necessary infrastructure is located in a radius of three kilometers. A unique combination of advantages of suburban life and comfort of urban infrastructure creates perfect estates for a trump life.

The cottage complex
"The Trump Eight" in details

Well developed infrastructure
ergonomic of housing - it's a dream
of everyone.

Secure each cottage enclosed fence height of 1.6m.
Energy-efficient windows Veka Elite, energy-saving two-chamber double-glazed, high-quality five-chamber profile.
Garage a large garage in each cottage, and additional parking place.
Land in ownership 5 acres of land to each cottage.
Energy efficiency from the warm brick wall block 380 mm, insulated with mineral wool 100 mm.
Comfortably large wooden terrace in each house.
Contemporary incredible corner windows and stylish round window in the bathroom.
Beautifully the road is lined with tiles that covered, bedding lawn.
Convenient all communications are summarized.
Heat the individual heating system, the underfloor heat is throughout the ground floor.
Terrace large free terraces from 40 to 60 squares metres.
Energy saving solar panels for free lightening local area and façade.
A stop of the public
Hotel complex
“Panska Gora”
A school
A hospital
The Shopping Centre
Victoria Gardens
A Kindergarten
Arena Lviv Stadium
A Sport Club with a swimming pool
Lviv Danylo Halytskyi
International Airport
The central railway station
The City center
Stryjskyj Park
Truskavets resort
The Carpathian Mountains
Slavske ski resort of Ukraine
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We have created a truly unique accommodation for you!
And this is easy to make sure!
The Planning of the cottages "The Trump Eight" Choose the type of cottage:
Layout of 1st floor
The general area: 148 m2 | The area of land plot: 5 acres of land
The area of the first floor: 76,00The area of the second floor: 72,00
The portal area: 2,90Corridor: 7,96
Wardrobe: 2,50Wardrobe: 1,69
Corridor: 8,44Cabinet: 21,57
Bathroom: 2,33Bathroom: 5,64
Garage: 21,70Bedroom: 16,20
Boiler room: 2,28Bedroom: 16,01
Living room: 19,58Wardrobe: 2,91
Kitchen-dining room: 16,20
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The most important reasons to become an owner of the cottage
in the complex "The Trump Eight"

The materials

The cottages are building by high quality bricks of Ukrainian manufacturer, the thickness is 380 mm, which is effectively thick for a thermal insulation: the house will keep warm in winter, and the house will not be warm in the summer.

  • The insulation by mineral wool 100 mm
  • A branded energy-saving windows - Veka Elite, the windows of double energy-saving glass and five-chamber profile
  • The Doors with metal frame and with MDF plates, certificated

The territory

The 8 houses on the green area of the complex. Each house has its own fence. The roads will laid with cobblestones. The entrance to the complex will laid with cobblestones and will installed illumination.

  • A new road
  • An illumination
  • A planting of greenery

The technology

The highlight of the houses have become qualitative corner window in the kitchen, in the living room and in two bedrooms, and also a round window in the bathroom.
The kitchen and living room can easily be transformed in unified space an area of 35 m2.

  • The corner windows are provide a good lighting in the rooms in the house during the day
  • All rooms are ventilated including the dressing rooms
  • A Two-tier system of ventilation in the garage: for ventilation of air and of carbon monoxide

The options

The cottages will be already ready with design repair - let your family will meet New Year in their own nice new home! Advice about repairs you can obtained at the office.

  • The system of "smart house"
  • Installation of the fireplace
  • The solar thermal collectors for free hot water supply of 9 months of the year

Process of building

  • Photo of area
  • Photo report 06.11.17

    cottages № 1,2 - the monolithic overlap of the first floor is filled

    cottages №3,4 - the walls of the first floor are laid, the formwork for flooding the monolithic floor covering of the ground floor

    cottages 5,6 - completed foundation works, the walls have started to go up on the ground floor

    cottages №7,8 - foundation works began

  • Photo report 29.03.18

    The cottages №1,2 - the works of covering roofs is being done. The windows were installed at the cottage №1

    The cottages №3,4 - the walls of the first floor have built by 90%, the foundation and the socle were insulated with foam polystyrene

    The cottages №5,6 - the walls of the first floor have built by 40%, the foundation and the socle were insulated with foam polystyrene

    The cottages №7,8 - the walls of the ground floor are building

  • Photo report 18.04.18

    The cottages №1,2 – the external walls were insulated with mineral wool 100 mm, the works on plastering of facades are conducted

    The cottages №3,4 - the walls of the first floor were built, the works are conducted of implementation of the lintels

    The cottages №5,6 - the walls of the first floor have built by 90%

    The cottages №7,8 - the walls of the ground floor have built by 20%

  • Photo report 03.05.18

    The cottage №1 - preparation of the facade for the structure

    The cottage №2 – the windows were installed, the plastering of the facade is being done

    The cottages №3,4 - a monolithic belt was installed, preparation for the execution of the roof construction

    The cottages №5,6 - the walls of the first floor were built

    The cottages №7,8 - the walls of the ground floor have built by 50%

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